Brownies Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake

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Mostly, you only have limited time to make something in the kitchen. It is better to try it, especially for your beloved boy’s birthday. Creating a Mickey Mouse birthday cake is a good alternative. You don’t have to make the whole part of Mickey Mouse because it takes time and energy. Instead of making it, you can just make the head only. It is simple and fast but the result can make your boy happy. Steps to make Brownies Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake

Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake with Brownies

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All of the children love to eat chocolate or something with chocolate. Because of that, instead of choosing a plain cake, you can take chocolate brownies. Just buy around 5 or 6 chocolate brownies and put it just like when you are making a burger. Add buttercream to stick each of the brownies. Then shape it with a knife until it looks round and really looks like a big burger bun. To make it easy, you can cake board with a roller so you can turn over the cake while shaping it.

Covering the Brownies with Butter Cream

mickey mouse birtday cake butterClean the surrounding before continue to the next step. Now, you have perfect round brownies. The next step is covering the brownies with buttercream. You can use spatula or knife to cover up the brownies and it looks tidy and smooth. The cake board with roller helps you a lot to finish this step.

Covering the Head with Black Fondant

Now, spin black fondant and make sure the size is large enough than the brownies. When it is ready, you can cover the brownies with that black fondant. Just make sure that the black fondant covers the brownies smoothly. To complete it, just make the face, eyes, mouth, and nose with different fondant. You can use white and pink fondant and shape it with the template of Mickey Mouse’s face. Set each of the parts so you have the funny face of Mickey Mouse. Your Mickey Mouse birthday cake is almost ready. What you have to do next is stick the face to the black brownies you have made before. You can use simple syrup as the glue so it perfectly sticks. In this step, you can see the head of the Mickey Mouse.

Finishing Touch for the Brownies Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake

brownies mickey mouse birthday cake

The last thing to do before the Brownies Mickey Mouse birthday cake is ready you have to create the ear. The ear is made from black fondant. You can use the template to easily shape the ear. To stick the ear, you can use a pin. Check your Mickey Mouse birthday cake once more to make sure that everything is perfect and strong enough. If there is no problem anymore, it means the Mickey Mouse as a happy birthday cake is ready to serve. It seems your children will love the taste because it is made of brownies. The most important thing is you don’t have to take more time because it is simple and faster. Even, you don’t have to make the brownies by yourself. Brownies are popular cake and most people like to eat it. Because of that, it is easy to buy and the price is also affordable. The video here will give you more understanding about how to make Mickey Mouse birthday cake.