Cinderella Princess Birthday Cake

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To prepare a birthday cake for your cute little girl, you can ask her first about their favorite character. Most of little girls want to be a beautiful princess. If it is so, why don’t you try to create a beautiful Cinderella princess happy birthday cakes for your daughter? Actually, creating this type of birthday cake is a little bit complicated but it doesn’t mean that you can’t finish it well. What you have to do is learning the parts and the techniques used to finish the Cinderella princess birthday cake perfectly. Here is what you have to prepare and do.

First, prepare a sponge cake and cover it with buttercream. Second, when it is ready you will start to use the different technique so you can put the Cinderella and the accessories there. For example, you have to start the step with icing sugar. Blue is the main color for this theme. So start with light blue icing sugar. Just make the icing sugar warm and nice first by pushing it smoothly for a few times. It is important so you can shape it easily later. Flatten the icing sugar with rolling pin and make sure that the size is large enough to cover the cake. Now, cover the cake with the blue icing sugar and make it tidy by getting rid of the icing sugar on the side of the cake. Third, this is the step to add some accessories for the happy birthday cake. For example, you can specific fence shape just like what you commonly seen in a fountain. It can be done by using a spoon or a clamp. Moreover, you can also add a darker blue ribbon and put it on the side of the cake. It is also possible to create a specific pattern. Just make the template first by using cooking paper. Then trace the template into the cake. (Related: Hello Kitty Birthday cakes)

cinderella birthday cake

You can also create a realistic accessory to make the Cinderella birthday cake perfect. For example, you can use icing sugar and butterfly mold. The detail of the accessory is beautiful and making the cake looks real. Your lovely girl will be happy if there is her name on the cake. Just make it with letter mold and do the same step just like when you make the butterfly accessories. To make the cake more artistic, you can add more realistic accessory with the icing sugar. Just flatten three different icing sugars. It can be darkest blue color, dark blue, and light blue. Then, use the cake cutter to make waving pattern for each icing sugar. Put the design one by one and it looks like the pattern of beautiful Cinderella’s gown.  Don’t forget to buy a small Cinderella doll which you can buy at the cooking groceries. Put the Cinderella at the top of the cake and make sure it sticks enough so it doesn’t fall down when you remove the Cinderella happy birthday cake. Now, your Cinderella special birthday cakes is ready to serve to your beloved daughter. She will be very happy to know that you are the one who creates the cake.