Eggless Birthday Cake | Mickey Mouse Eggless Birthday Cake

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The reason why cooking lovers tend to avoid making a cake is because cake uses a lot of eggs. The good news is that you can still make a happy birthday cake and you don’t need to use a lot of eggs. The video here shows you how to make the eggless birthday cake on Mickey Mouse birthday cake. Your children will love it because what you want to make it is chocolate Mickey Mouse birthday cake.   So, do you want to know how to make it? Let’s start and serve it to your children.

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Step 1 How to Make Eggless Birthday Cake – Prepare the Chocolate Cake

Just like any other birthday cake, it is a must for you to prepare the cake first. Here, you will learn how to make a Mickey Mouse birthday cake with chocolate cake. It is okay to buy the chocolate cake if you want to make the process simpler and easier. But if you have more time, you can also make the chocolate cake by yourself. What you have to do is buying chocolate cake mix so you don’t have to mix the ingredient by yourself. Just make three round chocolate cakes in the different size. The large one is for the face and the two small cakes are for the ear.

Step 2 How to Make Eggless Birthday Cake – Shaping the Chocolate Cake

how to make eggless birthday cake

When the chocolate cake is ready, you can continue to prepare and decorate the Mickey Mouse birthday cake. Take the small cake and use smaller round cake mold to make the ear of the Mickey Mouse. Shape the small cake so it looks like the Mickey Mouse’s ear. Now, go to the bigger round chocolate cake and cut it into two parts from the side of the cake. It is the same case with the cake for the ear. The function of dividing it into two parts is to make a thick Mickey Mouse birthday cake later. To help you cut or divide the cake you can use cake board. Take the one side of the cake away first.

Step 3 How to Make Eggless Birthday Cake – Adding Cream, Simple Syrup, and Chopped Cherry

Now, take a bowl of simple syrup or orange syrup and apply it to the top of the cake whether the cake for the face and the ear. When this step is done, take a big bowl of buttercream. Apply the buttercream at the top of the cake. To give more flavors for the Mickey Mouse birthday cakes, you can also add chopped cherry after applying the buttercream. When it is set, just take the other cake and put it at the top of the cake with buttercream. In this step, you have three layers cake, chocolate cake-cream-chocolate cake. Repeat the process by applying the simple or orange syrup at the top of the cake and the rest of the cake. Just make sure that the cream is enough to cover the whole Mickey Mouse birthday cake.

Step 4 How to Make Eggless Birthday Cake – Decorating Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake

Draw Mickey Mouse’s face at the top of the cake by using a small pin. Strengthen the outline with chocolate ganache. For the finishing touch, just mix buttercream with food colors such as red and orange. Put the colorful cream on the piping bag and start to finish the Mickey Mouse birthday cake. Make it tidy and you are ready to serve eggless Mickey Mouse birthday cake.