Happy Birthday Chocolate Cake Ideas | Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake

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Just imagine how complicated and stressful to prepare birthday cake in short time. It will be worse when your children ask you to make Mickey Mouse Happy Birthday Chocolate Cake. Actually, you don’t need to feel stress if you have to do it. In fact, there are several easy Mickey Mouse birthday cake tutorials you can follow. One of them will be explained here. There is also a video you can watch to give you more understanding. So let’s start the DIY Mickey Mouse birthday cake project.

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What You Have to Prepare to Make Mickey Mouse Happy Birthday Chocolate Cake

There are at least three important things you should prepare. First, you have to prepare the birthday cake first. You can prepare two round tiers birthday cakes and 1 square birthday cake. Just combine it in which the square birthday cake is on the bottom and the two tier birthday cakes on the top. Ball cakes are also important to prepare. Second, you have to prepare melted candy milk or melted white chocolate along with red and yellow food coloring product. Third, you have to prepare additional ingredients such as fondant, cake stick, and buttercream.

Happy Birthday Chocolate Cake

Steps to Decorate Mickey Mouse Cake Ball Pops

The next step is taking the ball cakes and starting to make small Mickey Mouse birthday cake pops. Combine the chocolate ball cakes with small round chocolate biscuit for the ear. Use melted red candy milk to stick the round chocolate biscuits. You can use the melted candy milk to stick the pops stick to the ball cakes. Do it for all ball cakes you have. In this step, you have the head of Mickey Mouse in the form of cake pops.

Steps to Make the Mickey Mouse Cake Pops Set

It seems that you still have a lot of melted red candy milk, isn’t it? If it is so, just use it to paint the cake ball pops. Just dip the Mickey Mouse cake pops into the melted red candy milk. Just make sure that it dipped perfectly. Wait for a few minutes until it set. Just do it for all the cake pops.

Now, use a bowl of melted chocolate candy milk. Take the red cake pops and dip the top of the cake into the chocolate candy milk. As the result, you have black cake as the head and the ear and the red for the pants. Let the chocolate dry and set. Use yellow fondant and make small dots by using small round mold. Apply it to the buttons. If it is ready, you have several Mickey Mouse birthday cake pops and you can use it for additional ornament.

The Way to Decorate Mickey Mouse Happy Birthday Chocolate Cake

Now, take the big birthday cake you have prepared before. You can cover it with red fondant and give more red, yellow, and white decoration whether by applying fondant or buttercream. It takes time but decorating the cake is the fun part. Let the birthday cake firm and set for a few minutes.

The last thing to do is putting those Mickey Mouse cake pops at the top of the happy birthday cake. In very short time, you have a beautiful and cool Mickey Mouse birthday cake. The most important thing is that you are the one who make it.