Hello Kitty Birthday Cake: Creating Head Square Hello Kitty

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Are you preparing for your daughter’s birthday party? Is she a fond of Hello Kitty birthday cake? If yes, then you obviously need happy birthday cake with Hello Kitty decoration on it. Baking is considered to be easy; however, decorating may not be easy for some people. For that reason, there are some steps that can be followed and done by mothers who want to make their own birthday cake.

Decorating Hello Kitty Birthday Cake | Square Cake

hello kitty birthday cake

  • First of all, you need to mix and then stir all the ingredients at once until the ingredients are expanding.

ingredient mix

  • Second, you can add food coloring to the ingredients based on your needs, for examples, you can put pink color since it is Hello Kitty birthday cake.
  • Third, you can put the cake on a plate and prepare for decoration. You may start applying the mix ingredients from each side of the cake. However, to make it easier, you better put the ingredients in a transparent plastic and cut the edge of the plastic based on your needs. Hold the transparent plastic containing the ingredient in the palm of your hand carefully. Then, place the cutting edge on the side of the cake and then push the ingredient gently. The style of your happy birthday cake will be based on your taste. However, to make it easier, you can make vertical lines one by one, slowly but sure. You should make the lines from side to side until all the sides are covered with the lines. Usually, at the top of the cake, there will be uneven parts. Therefore, you can cover these parts with the ingredients by following the square lines.

Hello kitty square decoration

  • Fourth, cover the entire top with the ingredients by making tiny horizontal lines as well as square lines. Make a small square on the top of the cake and then fill the square with the rest of the ingredients horizontally.
  • Five, after you cover all the cake with the ingredients you may start flattening the ingredients by using a small spade. Tap the ingredients slowly and make it as tidy as possible.
  • Six, you can draw Hello Kitty silhouette on the top of the cake. Just draw the face of Hello Kitty and then fill each line with the same ingredients with the different color, for example, you can draw the ribbon with pink and blue colors. Make sure that you fill the ribbons with all the ingredients needed. You can prepare black color to fill the eyes and yellow color to fill the nose. Draw a white line following the silhouette of Hello Kitty’s face.
  • Seven, you can fill the entire face with similar color carefully. Remember to make it tidy. After that, you can continue by drawing six black mustaches on the right as well as the left cheeks. Decorate the entire cake from the top to the bottom with white spots. However, prepare one side of the cake to write “Happy Birthday to….” For the bottom part, you can fill it with pink and white colors, putting it side by side. Fill the white spots with pink small pink spots. After that, voila your Hello Kitty birthday cakes is ready!


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