How To Make Birthday Cake Less Than 2 Minute

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While preparing the best birthday gift for your beloved couple or children, it is also good to prepare DIY happy birthday cakes. If you think that preparing a happy birthday cake is complicated and impossible to do, think twice! By knowing the secret, you can prepare special birthday cakes not more than 2 minutes. So, what do you have to do to prepare a birthday cake faster and easier? The first thing to do is buying the main ingredient, a cake. Cake is popular and easy to find. You can buy specific cake such as sponge cake or brownies. You have to make sure that you buy a plain base cake. Then, don’t forget to buy additional ingredients such as dark chocolate, cream, milk, cocoa powder, and fresh fruits. For fast option, you may choose strawberries and blackberries. When everything is ready you can start to create the liquid chocolate for the simple garnish.

The way to create this liquid chocolate for happy birthday cake is also easy to do. Just prepare a hot pan and stir the fresh cream there. You have to do it until the cream boils. Now, you can put the dark chocolate and cocoa powder into the boiling cream. Stir this mixture slowly until the ingredient melt and mixed perfectly with the cream. Then, pour the fresh milk and stir again for about 2 minutes. While stirring the mixture it is a must for you to check consistency. This mixture has to be liquid enough. When you think that it is liquid enough it means the liquid chocolate is ready to use. If you want to make it sweet, you can just add sugar in the boiling process.

special birthday cakeThe most important thing is that you should make this liquid chocolate in hot condition or before it back into the solid mixture. Next, prepare the plain sponge cake or brownies. You can use the rest of the cream to cover the sponge cake. When it is ready, you can directly pour the liquid chocolate at the top of the sponge cake. Pour the chocolate slowly and make sure it covers the top of the cake perfectly. It is also okay if you want to cover the sponge cake with the liquid chocolate. This is not the end of your happy birthday cake. Just remember that you also have strawberries and blackberries. Just wait until the chocolate solid on the cake and use the fruits. Wash the fruits first before using it. Then, put around 3 or 4 strawberries at the top of the cake. It is the same with the blackberries. (Also read: Purple Birthday cake)

Your DIY happy birthday cake is ready to serve! Just keep it until your children or your beloved one comes home. You can make small birthday party and bring the cake and gift for special surprise. Your children or your beloved one will be happy because you are the one who made the happy birthday cake. The most important thing is that you know that creating a beautiful as well as delicious happy birthday cake is easy to do.