Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake Decorations : With Buttercream

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The key to creating a perfect Mickey Mouse birthday cake is how you decorate it. Actually, it is simple but not all people can do. So, what do you have to do to decorate your Mickey Mouse birthday cake to become a perfect and interesting birthday cake? The information below helps you to get simple and fast way to serve Mickey Mouse birthday cake decorations whether for business or for a birthday party.

Mickey Mouse Sponge Cake

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Of course, you have to prepare the base first. The base is a round sponge cake or brownies. Make it as the face and the ear of the Mickey Mouse. When it is ready, you have to make a bowl of buttercream. You can buy instant buttercream or make it by yourself. If you want to shorten the time, you can take the instant buttercream so you can directly use it. You have to prepare two different colors of buttercream, black and white.

Preparing White and Black Butter Cream

Now, let’s start to decorate your Mickey Mouse birthday cake. The first thing to do is putting the black buttercream into the piping bag. You can use the black buttercream to paint the face of the Mickey Mouse. Just paint it at the top of the round sponge cake. If it is difficult for you to paint it with your imagination, you can just prepare the template and paint it just like what you see on the template. You can do it for all the upper part of the head. It creates unique texture and it doesn’t smooth just like when you are using fondant. The black buttercream is also used for nose and the eyes.

Covering the Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake Decorations with Butter Cream

mickey mouse birthday cake decorations

Now, go with the white buttercream. Use the cream to cover the part of the eyes. Just cover the empty space around the eyes. You have to do it to cover the bottom part of the head. In the end, the round sponge cake will be covered by black and white buttercream. The key is to make sure that you have enough buttercream. Just imagine if you run out of buttercream but the covering process is not done yet. Just be careful when you piping the white buttercream close to the black buttercream. If you don’t do it carefully, the buttercream will be mixed and it means you are failed to decorate the Mickey Mouse birthday cake.

Do It Until the Mickey Mouse Sponge Cake Covered with the Butter Cream

Just make sure that the white buttercream is solid enough. Now, you can continue the process by piping the black buttercream for drawing the mouth of the Mickey Mouse birthday cake. If it is hard for you to draw without a template, you can just see the template and try to follow the design of the mouth. The characteristic of the mouth is the smiling mouth. You can draw it with black buttercream or combine it with red buttercream to draw the tongue. The best part of this decoration is you have creamy Mickey Mouse birthday cake. It seems that your children will love the taste of the Mickey Mouse birthday cake decorations.