Steps To Make Mickey Mouse Miniature Birthday Cake

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To give a little surprise for your beloved kid, you can try to make a Mickey Mouse birthday cake. If you have enough time, you can make a Mickey Mouse Miniature Birthday Cake instead of make the head only. Of course you have to take more time to make a perfect one but it is not as complicated as you can imagine.

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Shaping Sponge Cakes to Make Mickey Mouse Miniature Birthday Cake

What you have to do is preparing square sponge cakes. Those cakes will be used as all the parts of this cute mouse character. Put those square sponge cakes on the cake board so it will be easy for you to shape it. You can start by shaping the cake into half round cake and it is for the body. When it is half round enough, you can start take a half round cake and put it at the top of the body and it is used for the neck. Now, put two layers of square sponge cake and shape it just like the body. Then, put it in front of the body and it will be the stomach. For the hand, you just need to create two curve sponge cakes and put it on the side of the body. Don’t forget to cut two rectangle sponge cakes and it is for the leg. Just take 3 round cakes and shape it bold to create the head of the Mickey Mouse. In the end, you will have the shape of complete body. You can also make shoes shape from the cake. To make it easy, you can just find sitting Mickey Mouse template and use it to make a Mickey Mouse birthday cake.

Mickey Mouse Miniature Birthday Cake

Covering the Mickey Mouse Miniature Birthday Cake with Butter Cream

When the construction from the sponge cake above is ready, you can start to rearrange one by one. While restructure it, rub butter cream and it is important to keep the sponge cake stick each other. When it is set, now you go to the fun part. Just prepare dark chocolate icing or cream. Cover the Mickey Mouse sponge cake with the cream. Just make sure that all parts of the bodies are perfectly covered by the dark chocolate cream.  Use spatula to make it tidy and smooth and let it dry and solid for a few minutes. Next, prepare red icing or cream. The red cream is used for the pants. Use spatula to have perfect pants. Again, let the red cream solid for a few minutes.

Make the Mickey Mouse Miniature Birthday Cake Complete

Go with white fondant to create his ear, tail, eyes, mouth, and nose. You can also use yellow fondant to cover the shoes. Create two round yellow fondants for the buttons of the pants. The white fondant is also important to create hands. Mickey Mouse has 4 fingers and it will be easy if you follow the template. The cream or pink fondant is used for the skin. This is most fun part because you can shape those parts just like when you are playing Play Doh. Now, you can paint the white fondant with dark chocolate for the ears and tail. The last thing to do with the Mickey Mouse birthday cake is adjusting the parts to the body. You can just directly stick the parts or puncture. Make it perfect with ornament such as green cream to make it seems sit on the grass. Now, you have a perfect Mickey Mouse happy birthday cake ready to serve.