Adorable Paw Patrol Birthday Cake Ideas For Your Kids’ Party

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Paw Patrol Birthday Cake Ideas for Kids

Every kid, of course, knows Paw Patrol, one of the most favorite cartoon shows created by Keith Chapman from Canada that has already attracted millions of fanatic fans. This is exactly the reason why the demand for Paw Patrol Birthday Cake Ideas has been dramatically increasing.

Imagine how happy your kids would feel when you prepare a delicious and attractive Paw Patrol Cake for their birthday party. Perhaps, they will scream for being overwhelmed because you give just what they want the most. With Ryder and his dogs figure placed on top of the cake, your kids will be very pleased. They certainly will want to eat more cake that you have prepared.

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Paw Patrol Birthday Cake Ideas with Fondant

Most cake decorations are made with fondant which is a great kind of topping for the cake because it can be created into various forms. For the basic cake, you can simply choose anything from simple vanilla cake or chocolate layered cake with buttercream or the fancy rainbow cake. Or, you can also insert tiny chocolate candies and gummy bears inside the cake. So, when you cut the cake, the candy, and gummy bears will flood outside. This will create a “wow” effect for the kids because they will never expect such thing to happen.

Use fondant to make the edible Ryder and his dogs figures. Color it using safe colors for the cake that you can easily find in the supermarket. For instance, if you want to add Ryder figure, consider the best and most attractive figure’s pose. For instance, try to make the figurine with Ryder posing while holding his dogs or walking with them. Or, you can just choose the figures of certain firefighters dog that your kids love the most.

Paw Patrol Birthday Cake Ideas with Chocolate

Besides fondant for decoration, chocolate can also be a great addition for the decoration. For instance, create effect using melted chocolate on the side of the cake so it looks like the chocolate is melting from inside the cake. Or, if you want to make it much simpler, grab Kit-Kat bars and use it to create some kind of fence around the cake.

If your kids love chocolate so much, make sure to choose the chocolate cake for the base. For instance, make them delicious layered chocolate cake where you use chocolate or vanilla buttercream to connect two layers. Then, cover the cake using buttercream or fondant in chocolate color.

Do you have mini M & M in your storage? Grab it and spread it over the cake. Do you love chocolate sprinkle? Grab a handful and cover the top and the sides of the cake by using it. Milk chocolate bar can also be added as long as cut it in smaller sizes first.

Basically, this cake can be given to both girl and boy. For instance, if you want to give it to your son, consider choosing Paw Patrol figure of both Ryder and his dogs. But if you want to give the cake for your daughter, do not forget to add the figure of female dogs just like in the series for perfect Paw Patrol birthday cake ideas.

Paw Patrol Birthday Cake Toppers Ideas

Hearing the name of Paw Patrol certainly has already made a lot of kids super excited. Well, this number one animation TV series aired in USA and Canada is definitely a huge hit across the countries. Every child is crazy about this and every one of them wants a piece of Paw Patrol Birthday Cake. So, it is the mom’s job to make the best cake and most delicious Paw Patrol birthday cake toppers. This themed birthday cake has always been a popular and fanciest part of a birthday party. When this cake makes its way out, every kid stares at it and amazed about it. And for your own kids, this cake will be the best birthday gift you can give to them.

Paw Patrol Birthday Cake Toppers with Customized Treats

Toppers are the important part of every birthday cake. It determines the representation of the cake. The Delicious base cake will be less attractive if it doesn’t come with beautiful and fun toppers. So, it is your job and cake professionals to make the best toppers ever. Here is the key about great toppers. It has to be sweet. Exactly, toppers are like appetizer so it has to be delicious and addictive. When you use sweet treats, you have just made the best cake.

In this case, if you are skilled and creative, the customized treats are the best options. For instance, you can create the Ryder figure colored in bright colors and made from fondant. Well, these kinds of toppers do require more times to create but the result will be worth the time you spend. Other customized treats can be made from melted chocolate. You can use chocolate in any colors from brown, black, white, to other bright colors like blue and red. You can also use buttercream to create various toppers. Make sure to follow the instructions if it is the first time you make such treats.

Ready to Use Paw Patrol Birthday Cake Toppers

Do you have limited time to decor the cake? Do not worry because there are so many kinds of treats that are ready to use. If you cannot make edible Ryder figure from fondant or buttercream, simply buy inedible toppers supply and put it on top of the cake. And, grab sprinkles, mini chocolate candies, edible glitter, marshmallow, fruit snacks or gummy bears and arrange them nicely on top and on the sides of the cake.

If you want the cake to be healthy, consider using fresh fruits you just bought from the market to be used as the toppers, you can try any kinds of berries.

And, do not forget to place the candles. It is just getting better because there are various Paw Patrol molded candles available in the shop. Yes, these are the customized Paw Patrol candles that make Paw Patrol birthday cake toppers way more attractive. If you use these candles, you do not have to use more varying treats. Candles are enough to décor your cake and make it looks gorgeous.

Here are some adorable Paw Patrol Birthday Cake Ideas for your boys and girls!


Paw Patrol Birthday Cake Ideas for Boys

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Paw Patrol Birthday Cake Ideas for Girls

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paw patrol birthday cake ideas for girls 3


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