Pink Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake: How To Make It

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Mostly, classic birthday cake works to celebrate a wonderful birthday party. For your information, classic birthday cake will be perfect if you can decorate it with modern design. One of possible birthday cakes which are knows as the popular cake is pink Mickey Mouse birthday cake. So, what do you have to do to make pink Mickey Mouse birthday cake? So, what you are waiting for? Just try it by following the steps or watching the video here.

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Brownie for the Base Pink Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake

The first ingredient you should prepare is a square brownie. It is possible for you to take sponge cake but the taste is different. Put the brownie into the cake board with the roller. The cake board helps you to shape the brownie easier and faster. When it is ready, you can start to cut the brownie based on the template. The template is the head of Mickey Mouse. You have to be careful in cutting the brownie especially when you are shaping it. Brownie is smooth so it is easily wrecked. Take the unused brownie so you can get the shape clearly.

Combine it with White Whipping Cream

pink mickey mouse birthday cake

The process of creating Mickey Mouse birthday cake is not done yet. This is the time to strength the shape of the birthday cake. The way to do it is by preparing white whipping cream. Piping the whipping cream around the side of the Mickey Mouse’s head and ear. The taste is important. Because of that, you can choose different jam. For example, you can choose grape jam. You can start to spread the grape jam around the empty space of the cake. Do it smoothly and nicely. When it is done, take one more Mickey Mouse birthday cake design. Cover the head with grape jam with the new one. The purpose of this is to have thick Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake.

Use Pink Whipping Cream

Instead of covering the cake with white buttercream, you can choose to use pink whipping cream. Just put the pink whipping cream into the piping bag. Spread the pink whipping cream around the side of the Mickey Mouse birthday cake. Do it just like when you draw a fence, When it is done, you can start to make the pink whipping cream smooth by using a spatula. Do the same thing to cover the top of the head.

Later, you will have a pink Mickey Mouse birthday cake. The last thing to do is giving this cake with several accessories. For example, you can draw the face of the Mickey Mouse. Moreover, you can also buy small Mickey Mouse’s template and apply it to the side of the Mickey Mouse birthday cake. Just do whatever you want to do as long as the cake is interesting to see.

The most important thing, you do not only have an interesting Mickey Mouse birthday cake but also a delicious birthday cake. The taste is creamy, sweet and sour because of the grape jam. In short, you can decorate your Mickey Mouse birthday cake simply and faster. It is easy to prepare and the cost is affordable than buying the happy birthday cake.