Purple Birthday Cake: Dress Theme

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If you like purple, you probably would want to have purple happy birthday cake maybe your loved ones. Buying a birthday may be easier for you; however, you probably want it to be more special. For that reason, it will be much better if you can make it by yourself. Well, baking is one thing; meanwhile, decorating is another thing. Baking can be done easily; nevertheless, decorating takes more time. Here is the way for you to have purple birthday cake dress theme for your loved ones like your daughter or your best friend. (also read: Hello Kitty Birthday Cake)

purple birthday cake

The Purple birthday cake Dress theme Step by Step 


First of all, after you mix and stir all of the ingredients, you can start applying the ingredients to the cake. The ingredients that you need may contain egg whites, vanilla, food coloring, milk, cream, butter. You can put the cake on a plate and prepare for decoration. You may start applying the mix ingredients from each side of the cake. However, to make it easier, you better put the ingredients in a transparent plastic and cut the edge of the plastic based on your needs. Then, place the cutting edge on the side of the cake and then push the ingredient gently. You have to make sure that you have put all the ingredients since you are going to stir it until it is expanded. The purple dress cake requires purple color; therefore, you need to add purple food color. You should tap all the ingredients on the entire cake. After that, you can flatten all the ingredients at once.  You cover all the cake with the ingredients by using small spade. Tap the ingredients slowly and make it as tidy as possible.

Third, you can put the cake on a plate and prepare for decoration. You may start applying the mix ingredients from each side of the cake. But, remember that you are going to make a purple dress like cake. For that reason, hold the transparent plastic containing the ingredient in the palm of your hand carefully. To make the “dress like” decoration, you can apply it by placing the edge of the transparent plastic and move it up and down quickly. Your happy birthday cake should look appealing. Therefore, you can try to apply the ingredients in two rows. So, it looks like tutu skirt.

Finishing Touch

After you have done all the steps, you can use dark purple to write the “Happy Birthday to…and birthday wishes”. To make it look prettier, try to draw on each side of the cake as well as the top of the cake small flowers. Place the small flowers all around the round top of the cake carefully. However, try not to cover the entire top, so the flowers are put around the edge of the cake. The last step is as much as important for you. Why? You have to make sure that you have cleaned the pan where you put the cake. Clean all the spots around the pan and perhaps it would be much better if you put the cake on a proper plate. If you plan to bring the cake somewhere, then place it carefully in a box. Overall, your purple birthday cakes dress theme should be a special happy birthday cake.