Simple Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake : How To Make It

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Do you want to make a special gift for your beloved children’s birthday? Making a happy birthday cake is a good option especially if you love to cook. There are hundreds of ideas of creating attracting birthday cake. One of them is Mickey Mouse birthday cake. Mickey Mouse is a popular fictional character and your children will love the cake. So, let’s learn how to make simple Mickey Mouse birthday cake.

Things to Prepare To Make Simple Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake

The first thing to do is preparing three round plain cakes. You can make the cake by yourself if you have more time. If you don’t have enough time, you can buy those cakes at the store. Round cake is a popular cake so it is easy for you to find it.

Second, you also need to prepare the template if it is necessary especially if you don’t know the model. But if you know Mickey Mouse well, it seems you can imagine the design of the cake.

Third, prepare the butter cream. The butter cream will be used to cover the round plain cake so it looks tidy and smooth.

Fourth, prepare the fondant and icing sugar to decorate your Simple Mickey Mouse birthday cake.

Fifth, simple syrup is also necessary to stick the parts of the cake. Sixth, don’t forget to prepare the equipment such as knife, cake board, spatula, and many more

Steps to Make Simple Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake

simple mickey mouse birthday cake

Now, let’s learn how to make DIY Mickey Mouse birthday cake. Just take the three round cakes first. Then, take the template to shape the round cake into the Mickey Mouse’s ears and face. Take the first cake and then take the ear’s template. Cut the cake precisely following the template with the knife. Do the same thing with the second cake.

Now, you have two small cakes for the ear and a big round cake for the face.  Cut the big round cake into two round cake. You can do it from the side of the cake and by using knife or yarn. Put the first round cake into cake board. You can put a little bit butter cream to make the cake stick to the cake board. Do the same thing with the small cakes and put it as an ear, just like what you can see on the template.

butter creamWhen it is set, this is time to cover up the cake with butter cream. Just make sure that all parts of the cake are perfectly covered with the butter cream. To keep the butter cream smooth and tidy, you can use spatula. Now, you have one cake left and when the butter cream step is done, you can take the plain cake at the top of the covered by butter cream cake. Use the black fondant or icing sugar and cover it into the Mickey Mouse cake.

Use cream fondant to make the skin of the Mickey Mouse including the eyes, nose, and the mouth. The best and fast way is by following the template. Now, you have a perfect Simple Mickey Mouse birthday cake as a special gift for your beloved children. You can check the video here to learn the steps clearly.